Meet Bob – Director of IT
Logistics Company

Bob – Director of IT Logistics Company

Helpdesk Support

The Problem

Bob was brought into the company last year to set the strategic IT vision.  He has over ten years’ experience working as a system administrator.  They have 10 offices along the East Coast and they plan to open 3 more offices by the end of the year.  Each office has close to 25 employees.   Unfortunately, their primary software is a legacy application that is no longer supported and is running on a very old server.  Bob has plans to rebuild the infrastructure in a local collocation facility so that he can easily add the offices as they come available online. He also has plans to replace the legacy application and transfer the data to the new application.  Last, he plans to build a SharePoint site to house all HR, accounting, and marketing documents.  Bob loves what he does.  He really enjoys the strategic planning, working on servers, and building out new locations.  What he does not enjoy doing is taking end user calls, nor does he have it in the budget to get a ticketing system to handle all the request.  The current IT support company keeps pushing their own ideas and Bob is getting pretty fed up with it, especially since they keep requesting meetings with his CEO who is friends with their own CEO.   They also insist on keeping the network under contract, claiming it’s in Bob’s best interest if he gets sick, wants to go on vacation, or gets hit by a bus.  Bob realizes he doesn’t want to do this all on his own, but he only needs a helpdesk that can handle all the end user calls.  He also needs monitoring software to alert him when there are issues on the network.

Customized IT Solution:

Bob just needs the full Helpdesk and Vigilance Programs.  He wants to be the only one to work on and maintain the network infrastructure.  End users can call in for all their helpdesk issues.  The Vigilance Plan includes the monitoring of all workstations and servers, quarterly preventive maintenance, documentation on the network, and ad hoc project support as needed.  INSI will alert Bob when more than one user is affected and if monitoring alerts us of a network issue.  Documentation allows us to have an understanding of his network if he needs our help. Quarterly preventive maintenance will let him know if there are any issues he doesn’t know about on his network environment or trends that constitute a need for change such as a hard drive quickly filling up. The contract can be adjusted as Bob adds on other offices.  Last, Bob can purchase hardware and software through us at our volume discounts. All-in-all, this is a win-win for Bob. He gets exactly what he wants, no less and no more.

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