Before INSI

The Sylacauga Utilities Board needed a network that could tie together their multiple office locations, make their SCADA system more modern and robust, and allow them to offer competitive, high quality internet service to local residents. After completion, it also needed high-level support for managing its network. INSI took on this client’s challenges and delivered optimal results.



  1. Sylacauga Utilities Board needed a team that could design a complex fiber network for the city.
  2. The client also needed stable, scalable networking equipment, such as switches and routers, to utilize the proposed fiber network.
  3. The network needed to be designed so that it could grow to handle an increasing number of clients.



  1. INSI designed the fiber network for the city and submitted it to Sylacauga Utilities Board for implementation.
  2. We installed numerous switches and routers using an efficient and robust configuration.
  3. INSI also designed and implemented a new ethernet network that allowed for growth within the company to handle the increasing demands due to its expanding customer base.



Sylacauga Utilities Board is pleased with its fiber network, equipment, and internal network. Since we designed both its fiber network and its internal network, it made perfect sense for the organization to continue to use INSI for major projects. Currently, INSI is updating Sylacauga Utilities Board’s disaster recovery plan as well as helping it transition to IPv6: the most recent version of Internet Protocol.

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