Asset Tracking

Is Your IT Provider Tracking Your Assets?

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Why Track Your IT Assets?

You have invested a lot in your computer network.  Moreover, you should take measures to get the best return on your IT investment. Unfortunately, you can’t measure what you can’t see.  In contrast, asset tracking makes it possible to track the devices through the life-cycle and make informed decisions.

What Does Asset Tracking Software Do?

Asset tracking allows the Managed Service Provider to track the physical assets of the devices, operating system, software, their location, who it is assigned to, past issues, status, maintenance schedule, and other vital information through the use of bar code or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

What Are The Benefits of Asset Tracking?

There are many benefits to tracking your IT devices.  However, many service providers often choose to forgo this software in an effort to save money.  Not only is the software expensive, but it is also very time consuming to implement on each client network.  Yet, when they choose to forgo this software, their clients lose the following benefits:

  1. Track the total cost of ownership throughout its entire life-cycle to make informed decisions
  2. Track the history of issues on each device as it changes hands to make informed decisions
  3. Helps project managers identify new hardware or software requirements for large deployments across multiple devices.
  4. Provide depreciation list for your CPAs
  5. Provide an inventory list for your insurance company
  6. Integrate into Monitoring Software for easy tracking

In conclusion, mature IT organizations know how to take advantage of this powerful tool.

Do You Want To Learn More? 

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