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Start your new INSI career! INSI is always hiring because we are always growing. INSI team members are part of a growing, thriving IT organization that has a unique value proposition.  At this time we need great interns, entry level engineers, advanced desktop engineers, and network engineers.  Now you have an opportunity to grow with a company that is changing the landscape of how IT is supported.

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INSI Information Technology Career Benefits

Find your next information technology career at INSI! We know making a change can be hard. That is why we seek great information technology engineers who want a long-term career with us, not just another job.  At INSI, our engineers are valued.  In fact, we treat them how we want to be treated.

Here are the career advantages of working with INSI:

  1. Grow with Us – Get in on the ground floor while we are still young and pave your own information technology career path.
  2. Be the Specialist –  At INSI, you will only have to work at the skill level for which you were hired.  As an example, we do not ask senior engineers to work on desktop issues, nor do we want our Tier 1 engineers working on something they are not yet ready to handle.
  3. Be Part of a Learning/Mentoring Environment – Learn from or help other engineers when a difficult ticket arises.  Subsequently, our escalation program ensures each team member gets the support he or she needs to advance their career.
  4. Quality vs Quantity – INSI will not overwork our engineers for the sake of more profit.  Moreover, because quality work is everything to us, we will hold off on bringing in a new client if we are not fully staffed nor capable of supporting them.
  5. Great Team – The INSI culture consists of hard-working, fun, energetic people who want the best for their clients.
  6. No Politics – At INSI, we are very careful of whom we hire – at all levels. Without a doubt, we are a team of humble, hardworking information technology career individuals, who want to work in a calm and enriching atmosphere. Likewise, we seek managers and engineers with strong character traits who will be supportive of their teammates and will work hard to make every person feel valued and part of the INSI family.
  7. Information Technology Career Path – Each Tier offers advancement opportunities to the next level with experience and technical ability.  Most importantly, grow as the company grows and gets constantly pushed up the corporate ladder.
  8. Competitive Compensation Packages – We want the best, and we realize good information technology engineers deserve competitive wages.
  9. Great Benefits – INSI is part of a larger company, so we can offer 401K matchings, health packages (medical, dental, and vision), flex plan, paid holidays, paid time off, one week paid maternity leave, and dedicated volunteer hours.
  10. Recognition – Great employees deserve great recognition.  In fact, great engineers will be recognized by management in front of their peers.

What INSI Looks for in Information Technology Career Candidates

INSI seeks career-minded, hard-working, Information Technology specialists.  Most of all, we value candidates who have great and personable communication skills and are technically strong.  Call us today if you meet these qualifications.