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5 Easy Steps to Build Your Own INSI Customized IT™ Support Plan

INSI’s Customized IT™ changes the IT support landscape for the better.  After all, each business operates differently.  No two are the same.  So why should you settle for a one-size-fits-all IT solution for your business?  Most importantly, why should you pay for services that don’t quite fit your needs?

That’s why we do things differently at INSI.  Understandably, we know your company is unique and you have needs that no one else does.  While one company may have an internal IT person or team, another may not have anyone who is IT savvy.  For that reason, we feel our job is to identify the technology gaps and fill them in as tightly as we can.

Best of all, we use your technology strengths and reinforce your staff by giving them the specific people, tools, and support they need to provide a complete IT support solution.

INSI Customized IT Program

Let us help you determine exactly what you need…

IT Managed Support Plan

How INSI Customized IT™ Saves You Money

Did you know that 80% of all end-user calls are the type of calls that can be resolved within 15 minutes by entry-level engineers (e.g., password changes, printer issues, etc.)?

Worst of all, most IT companies charge Tier 3 rates of $150-$250 per hour, even for the most basic issues! This is like using a doctor to take a patient’s blood pressure.  

In contrast, INSI’s Customized IT™ program bases the price on your specific needs and charges you only at the level of service you’re actually using.

IT companies charge Tier 3 rates of $120-250

INSI’s Customized IT™ Ensures You Get the Right Engineer for Each Ticket

IT Managed Support Plan

The best thing about INSI’s Customized IT™ is the tiered structure.  This allows us to only assign tickets based on the engineer’s exact skill level.  For example, a Tier 1 engineer will only be assigned entry-level tickets.  However, if a ticket will take more than fifteen minutes to resolve, the Tier 1 engineer is expected to reach out to their mentor (who is an engineer at a higher level).  Consequently, that mentor will fix the problem while the Tier 1 engineer watches and learns.  Best of all, this improves the time to resolution while also expanding the engineer’s knowledge to be applied to future calls.

Dedicated Client Support Manager

All INSI clients will be assigned a Client Support Manager (CSM).  This applies to INSI’s Customized IT™, Managed, and Vigilance plans.  The purpose of the CSM is to guarantee client satisfaction.

Each CSM is a seasoned engineer who will get to know your company, employees, and IT needs very well.  Further, each is committed to the security and reliability of your network and make recommendations with that in mind. Best of all, your CSM is responsible for directing and coordinating all the activities on your account as well as measuring the performance of the work.  Your CSM is your single point of accountability!

Dedicated Client Support Manager
INSI Simplifies IT

INSI Simplifies IT

Take a look at our website.  Do you see any techy jargon that is confusing?

No; we make a business case for technology.  Our engineers are excellent communicators who explain the benefits and risks involved in every IT solution presented to you.

Further, choosing an IT support plan is not a technical decision. It is a business decision.  Our INSI Customized IT ™ consultants can help you design the right program to meet your exact needs.