Meet Bob – Director of IT
Logistics Company

Bob – Director of IT Logistics Company

Helpdesk Support

INSI is the only company for a small and medium-sized business that offers enterprise rates for helpdesk!

Bob, IT Director, Needs Helpdesk Support and Monitoring

Bob was brought into the company last year to set the strategic IT vision.  He has served as a system administrator for over 10 years.  Bob really loves his work and wants to make a positive impact on the company. He feels his time is best spent with strategic IT planning, server work, and setting up new locations.

Bob wants to find a helpdesk company that will also provide continuous network/desktop monitoring.  Helpdesk calls take up 80% of his time which he feels are a waste of his experience and talents.

Bob’s Current IT Support Issues

Bob knows the only thing he needs is helpdesk and monitoring.  Yet, the current IT support company has a one-size-fits-all IT support package that overlaps with his roles and responsibilities.   In addition, they have requested meetings with his CEO without him in attendance.  He finds it difficult to accomplish his goals with his current IT support company undermining him at every turn.

Bob Just Wants Helpdesk and Monitoring – Nothing More

All Bob really needs is helpdesk and monitoring. Yet, the pure helpdesk companies have a minimum requirement of one-thousand calls per month.  He would need 1500 users to reach that requirement.

Similarly, the Managed Services Providers (MSP) have a one-size-fits-all package that overlaps with his job responsibilities.  Most importantly they charge between $75-$100 per seat per month which makes their hourly rate $150-200 per hour.  That is extremely expensive for entry-level calls.

Bob needs a company that will work with him and not against him.  He just needs basic helpdesk to handle basic end-user issues and monitoring.  This will allow him to free up his time to address the more strategic issues and projects.

Bob’s Environment

Bob’s company has 10 offices along the East Coast.  The company plans to open 3 more offices by the end of the year.  Each office has close to 25 employees, 2 servers, and 1 firewall.  The company uses a legacy application that runs on old operating systems set to reach the end of life next year.  This leaves his servers vulnerable to viruses and hackers.

Bob plans to rebuild the infrastructure in a local collocation facility. This allows him to consolidated servers and adds offices as needed. He also has plans to replace the legacy application and servers.  Last, he plans to build a SharePoint site to house all HR, accounting, and marketing documents.  Bob really needs an IT Support company to give him the exact services he needs and nothing more.

Solution for Bob: INSI Customized IT™ 

INSI is the only Managed Service Provider who has a tiered program.  This program breaks out each service in order to enable the client can pick and choose the exact services they need.  In this scenario, the best plan for Bob is a combination of the Helpdesk and the Vigilance Program.  This combination has the following advantages:

  • Bob can continue to work on the strategic vision
  • Provide end-users with helpdesk support true helpdesk rates
  • Allow Bob to serve as an escalation point for advanced end-user issues
  • Access to robust workstations and servers monitoring software
  • Access to the robust ConnectWise ticketing system
  • Receive quarterly preventive maintenance on servers to catch updates, patches, issues, and other issues that affect performance and security
    • Bob can then contract INSI to do the work or take care of it himself
  • Get updated documentation of the network
  • Gain access to volume discounts on purchases
  • Get ad hoc project support as needed
    • Help to add new offices
    • Backup for Bob when he is sick or on vacation

All-in-all, this is a win-win for Bob. He gets exactly what he wants, no less and no more.

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