Meet Neil – CFO of a Sales Distribution Company

Neil – CFO - Needs Full IT Support

Full IT Support for Multiple Locations

Neil is the CFO of a fast-growing Southeastern sales distribution company and needs full IT support for his network.  The company is owned by a capital investment firm and he is measured on revenues. Neil takes this responsibility very seriously.  However, recently things have not been going well and his provider can’t find a solution.  He needs help before his numbers suffer.

Neil’s Network Issues

Neil is having a lot of issues and needs one company to provide full IT support.  As of recent, Neil’s Atlanta location has experienced excessive intermittent issues connecting to the Internet.  Because of this, he is very concerned about how this will affect his bottom line and his job.  Worst yet, phone calls are dropping at their call center and they are losing clients.  In addition, the field salespeople are having difficulty putting in the orders.  Consequently, the shipping is delayed from the network is dragging during key business hours.  He needs a better full IT support program and fast.

Neil’s IT Environment

Neil has two offices with warehouses and multiple remote salespeople. They use Software as a Service (SaaS) Order Management Software for operations and Salesforce for customer relationship management.  In addition, he has 9 outside sales reps with laptops, 52 office personnel with desktops, 1 hosted server, 2 firewalls, and 5 network printers.  He uses Office 365 for all his Office Applications.  Since he has no internal IT, he needs full IT support.

INSI’s Customized Full IT Support Solution

INSI developed a plan that not only addressed all of Neil’s needs but also resolves their connectivity issues.  First, they set up a redundant line with a second phone carrier.  Second, they installed a dedicated fiber line for greater reliability.  Last, they presented a plan to transfer them to a hosted PBX.  This solved Neil’s most pressing problem.

Neil wants full IT support at a fixed rate.  Fortunately, INSI Managed IT plan takes advantage of the tiered structure to deliver significant cost savings.  In this case, it saved Neil 131% over his current rate.

INSI will always choose the right program for the client.  Sometimes it is at an old-fashioned managed services plan, other times it is INSI Customized IT™.  Click on the other examples to see how INSI’s Customized IT™ has benefited our clients.

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