Meet Sally – Savvy End User


Supplemental IT Services

Supplemental IT Services

Sometimes it just makes sense to supplement the IT support you already have.  That was the case with Sally, who has been managing the IT for a small private school for nearly a decade.

New Challenges That Require Supplemental IT Services

Sally has been working in the front office of a small private school for nearly a decade.  Recently, the school has decided to expand its K-6 accredited learning center to K-12.  This change will require more teachers, staff, lab computers, and a more complex network.  She needs supplemental IT services to help support her.

Sallie has always been the go-to-person for basic IT issues.  She is a natural at IT and taught herself everything she knows.  However, recently IT has been taking up too much of her time.  Consequently, she needs supplemental IT services before they make expand.

The Decision to Supplement IT Services

The school’s expansion will result in an increase from 25 to 60 PC’s.  Additionally, they will need help re-designing the network to account for more staff and new applications.  For this reason, they decided to hire a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to supplement Sally.  From there, she will be responsible for managing them.

Unfortunately, Sally is having a hard time finding supplemental IT services.  In fact, every provider she talks to wants to completely take over and push her out of the way.  She feels like they are trying to railroad her.

INSI Values Relationships with Internal IT

Although Sally is not the official IT person, she has been instrumental in supporting the network.  Clearly, this is not something that should be ignored.

In this example, INSI met with Sally to document the environment and understand why things were set up the way they were. They mapped out the network and presented recommendations for improvement to Sally.  In turn, Sally was able to give her input and provide direction.

Sally felt very comfortable with INSI as they sought her input for approval.  Together they presented the plan to the Principal and received his blessing.  Without a doubt, the Principal was very pleased that INSI was working closely with Sally to develop a plan.  For this reason, he had a lot more confidence in INSI than the other providers.

INSI Customized IT™ Solution for Supplemental IT Services:

Sally also wanted to continue to personally support the 25 front office staff and teachers.  After providing Kate her options, she chose the “advanced only” options for those employees, which will allow her to escalate issues to our Tier 3 support if she gets stumped.  Everything else will be under the managed plan at a fixed monthly fee.  In this way, they get continuous monitoring of the network and desktops, preventive maintenance, asset tracking, and unlimited support for all the devices.

Customized IT Services