Managed Security

Your company’s data is valuable!  Everyone thinks so – especially the bad guys!

That’s why you need Managed Security.  Unfortunately, the words “Managed Security” have meant many things to many people over the last several years.  As a result, it has created a tremendous amount of confusion among small- and medium-sized businesses.  In fact, most believe their Managed Service Provider is fully protecting their data from all security threats.  Instead, they find out when it is too late that they are receiving the basic block-and-tackle security and a breach has occurred.

What You Should Know About Basic Block and Tackle!

It is not Managed Security!  Well-respected IT service providers will provide basic security such as antivirus, firewall content filtering, updates and patches, and offsite backups.  In fact, this is the very least you should expect from any service provider.  Yet, while this level is the first defense against security breaches, it is not enough in today’s cyber security world.

Block and tackle security done periodically does not catch issues between checks.  Unfortunately, the average virus or hacker can live on your system for up to nine months before they are detected.  Consequently, that is nine months of them watching, scanning, and stealing valuable information.

What Really Is Managed Security?

Managed Security is a systematic approach to managing the entire organization’s security needs.  It requires a full staff of security professionals who provide round-the-clock monitoring, log management, and responding to security events.  The security professionals only focus on security, not the general network or computer management.

Many regulated industries need true Managed Security.  However, it is also best practice for any organization that holds sensitive information.

Fortunately, the cost for managed security has come down significantly over the past two years.  Consequently, this makes it more affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses.

INSI’s Managed Security Solutions

INSI has partnered with a Cybriant Managed Security firm to provide 24/7 monitoring, log management, and response.

In addition to this, we have several security offerings mentioned below that will keep your data safe:

INSI’s Complete Security Package

Are you looking for one IT security package to handle all of your immediate security concerns?  INSI’s All Inclusive IT Security Package includes a security audit, network security vulnerability assessment, semi-annual security check, biannual penetration test, phishing email test and training, quarterly security checks, staff training, antivirus monitoring, web content filtering, web protection, and spam protection.

Affordable Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Do you need 24/7 monitoring of your network by experience cyber-security specialist?  Our Security Information and Event Management service provides real-time threat monitoring, event correlation, and incident response.  Powered by Cybriant, our team of engineers watches, gathers, analyzes and reports on suspicious activities in your logs.  In the past only enterprise companies could afford this level of service, now INSI makes it available to small- and medium-sized businesses too!

Managed End Point Security

INSI takes managed end-point security to the next level by delivering autonomous protection with a light-weight agent on each endpoint.   Subsequently, this technology allows us to successfully detect and respond to both internal and external threats before it infects your network.  As a result, it prevents malware, breaches, and incidents.   Further, it eliminates the need for antivirus because it provides protection at the agent level well before the attack occurs.

Network Security Tools

How secure is your network? Weak points in your network invite hackers to compromise your data.  INSI has a variety of tools and services to protect your data.  Examples include data encryption, email encryption, virus prevention, spam filtering, and password management. Trust INSI to check your network for vulnerabilities, boost your network security, and protect your business interests.


INSI understands HIPAA because we are a Business Associate.  This means we live what we preach.  Undoubtedly storing, processing, or transmitting personal health information brings special responsibilities. That’s because you and INSI are both subject to the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). In fact, both of us need to make sure our data is protected.  Why not choose a partner that is willing to walk the walk with you and knows what to look for?

Supply Chain Security

More and more US companies are demanding their vendors and partners meet their security policies in order to continue their business relationship.  The reason being that third parties have been the source of many well-known data breaches.  Often, they have poor cyber security programs and processes which make them a rich target for cyber criminals and an avenue for bigger jackpots.  Across the board, many smart vendors are using their cyber-security adherence as a marketing tool to secure new business.  Let INSI help you make your supply chain security initiatives a competitive advantage!