August 21st Webinar – Based on the Book Written by our Very Own Deborah Frazier “IT Outsourcing Secrets”

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How do you compare IT support companies when they all say the same thing?  They all claim they are the best, they offer the same services, and they all claim to really listen.  They all talk about the same hot topics.  Some use scare tactics, while others use techy talk to either impress or run circles around the client.  So, how do you know with confidence if they can fulfill their promises?  You can with Deborah Frazier’s new book: IT Outsourcing Secrets, A Small Business Guide to Compare IT Support Companies.

Webinar:  IT Outsourcing Secrets –  Chapter 1: How to Identify the IT Maturity Level of the MSP

Come join us as Deborah Frazier provides an overview of the first chapter in her new book, IT Outsourcing Secrets – A Small Business Guide to Compare IT Support Companies. In the first chapter, Deborah helps the reader determine the maturity level of the IT organization and why it matters to them.  By the end of the session you will understand:
*  What is an IT Maturity Level – Is it measured in years, experience, or something else?
*  How to identify the IT maturity level of the MSP and why it matters to you
*  How to ask the tough questions and be confident you know what the answer means
*  Determine if the IT support provider has the capabilities to deliver the service they promised
*  Decipher why you keep experiencing the same issues over and over again

Date: August 21, 2019
Time: 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Register: here

More about the author:  Deborah Frazier is the Head of Sales and Marketing for the Biltcore Companies, the parent company for INSI.  She has almost 20 years experience selling IT support to small and medium-sized business (SMB).  During this time, she consulted with over 1000 small and medium-sized businesses in Georgia and saw the best and the worst of the MSP industry.  Throughout her career she has consistently been the top sales performer for the largest and fastest growing Managed Service Provider in the Southeast.  There she was responsible for entering the company into new markets – including the highly regulated healthcare vertical, which became the top revenue-producing segment in the company within two years and maintained that position until she left.  Most importantly, she is the creator of the Customized IT support program that was launched by INSI in June 2019.

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