Meet Mariam – CEO

Assisted Living – Nationwide

Mariam – CEO Assisted Living – Nationwide

The Problem

Mariam is the CEO of an assisted living company.  The baby boomer generation is at the retirement age and her company is growing fast. They have built each location with the same design and network.  However, now she has multiple locations across the United States, each with their own servers, security system, wireless connections, iPads, and cell phones. The company uses a SaaS electronic medical records system specific to the assisted living industry.  The staff can access the EMR system from their laptops and cell phones.  They provide tablets to the residents to place their food orders for the kitchen, schedule their activities for the week, and video chat with their families. However, they have issues with their wireless connections (5 in each location) and their current provider cannot identify or fix the problem.  This means they cannot meet their contractual agreements with the residents.  At the same time, their staff is experiencing EMR connection issues as they move around the building.  Mariam is worried.  She knows the assisted living model she created is solid, but she needs reliable technology for the program to work.  Families are threating to pull the residents out and they need to correct the issues before they lose patients to the competition.  Each of her eleven locations has 60 residents and 5 staff members. Their corporate office has five users. They need someone who can warehouse spare laptops, desktops, and tablets, handle elderly end user issues with tablets, provide managed support to the staff members, support their network, and correct their wireless issues.  Their servers are getting old, and if it is financially beneficial, they would like to move their servers to one central network.  They are very wary of outside providers, so they want to own the equipment in case they become dissatisfied with the service. Throughout all of this, they must remain HIPAA compliant.

Customized IT Solution:

INSI developed a plan that not only addressed all their needs but also resolved their wireless issues.

  1. The first step was to do a wireless analysis to determine the source of their connectivity issues. (INSI has vast experience working with telecom equipment as we have even built the ISP backbone for an entire city.)
  2. Tablets were put under a Tier 1 Helpdesk Plan at one-third of the cost due to the fact they require such little support. We installed a monitoring agent on them to alert us of any issues.
  3. We put together a support plan that allows for full support, from Tier 1-3, for the desktops, laptops, firewalls, and network devices. We installed networking monitoring agents and antivirus software to keep the patches, definitions, and virus protection current.
  4. We centralized the servers onto a robust server environment in our secure collocation facility and added Microsoft Office 365. This reduced their server count from 24 to 3.  The servers were put under a lease with the intent of upgrading the system every 3 years when the contract runs out.  To make sure this was cost effective we presented the client with a hosted quote for comparison.   They still chose to own the equipment.
  5. Per the client’s request, we warehoused 10% of their desktops, laptops, and tablets. If an end user had issues that required a hands-on approach, we would already have the device imaged and ready to use.  They would send in their equipment and keep the replacement.  This minimized the downtime and disruption to their service.

This solution allowed them to consolidate all of their servers, keep ownership, and meet the physical and technical safeguards of HIPAA.

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