Boost your security measures to protect your data

Your company’s data is valuable.

But you’re not the only one who thinks so.

Data gets stolen all the time. Cyber attacks. Data breaches.
Too many businesses end up in the news for the wrong reasons.
Don’t let yours be one of them.

Boost your security measures to protect your data – and your business!

INSI can help.

Data Encryption

Unauthorized parties accessing confidential company data – it’s an unfortunate business reality these days. So what do you do to stop it? The answer is simple. Encrypt your data. Data encryption means encoding data so that only authorized parties can access it. Why leave your company wide open to data hacks when INSI can easily encrypt your data? Our security specialists manage the encryption of your stored data – and they make sure your transported data, like emails, is also encrypted.

Virus Prevention

Without antivirus protection, anything can go wrong. Simply visiting the wrong website or clicking the wrong link in an email can wreak havoc with your business. Why leave your network open to such threats? Every business, no matter the size, needs antivirus protection. INSI takes care of it all. We provide you with antivirus protection, we monitor it and we update it. We even alert you if we suspect an issue. That means no more network security concerns for you!

Password Management

You and your employees have better things to do than change and remember your passwords – or keep track of your many vendor passwords. There’s a smoother way to run your business. INSI can set you up with a single sign-on portal. It keeps all your passwords encrypted and securely stored. It also tracks when passwords need to be updated or changed. In some cases, it can even update or change passwords automatically. There’s no need to waste valuable time and effort managing passwords when INSI has an easy solution for you!


How secure is your network? Protecting your data is essential but it may not be enough to keep your business safe. You also need a secure network especially if you keep client information such as personal health information (PHI) or credit cards on file. Weak points in your network invite hackers – and compromise your client information. Protect your business and your clients from these threats. Let INSI check your network for vulnerabilities, boost your network security and protect your business interests.


If you’re in the healthcare industry – storing, processing or transmitting personal health information brings special responsibilities. That’s because your business is subject to the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). You need to make sure data is protected. You need to have plans in place for disaster recovery. You need to meet specific data privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements. How can you make sure you’re complying with HIPAA? INSI can help. Our specialists assess your risks and develop solutions to make sure you’re in full compliance.