Before INSI

When Complete Water approached INSI, the company already had another IT provider but was not satisfied with the service provided. The provider had changed the personal working on Complete Water’s account causing confusion and impacting larger and ongoing projects. Additionally, the MSP also significantly increased its rates and fees. Complete Water’s servers were in need of replacement the following year and Complete Water could not afford any issues during the installation. It was at this point that INSI took over and immediately began solving the client’s key challenges.



  1. Complete Water needed an IT specialist that was less expensive and could provide better IT services than its existing MSP.
  2. The company’s servers that were in need of replacement contained data critical to business operations. It was crucial for this data to be accessible at all times during business hours.
  3. The company’s server room was inadequate for storing the network’s hardware. The room also needed better cabling and cooling.



  1. INSI provided an affordable, all-inclusive support plan that provided superior service, enabling the Complete Water IT team to focus on its own essential projects.
  2. By implementing server virtualization, INSI specialists were able to cut the cost of replacing the servers by half. In addition to reducing hardware cost, this solution also reduced installation time and saved space.
  3. Complete Water had zero downtime during the server upgrade because INSI carefully coordinated and completed all upgrade tasks that could have impact business operations outside of business hours. This project included building and re-wiring a new server room with room for expansion.



By working with INSI, Complete Water found the perfect fit for its needs! Not only were we able to provide better IT service at a lower cost, we also designed and implemented an upgraded of the client’s core servers with no impact on the client’s business. These servers are now running an efficient server setup in a new server room.

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