Disaster RecoverySafe and Reliable Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

What is data backup and disaster recovery?  Data backup is a copy of your data in a secure location, whereas a disaster recovery is a formal document that outlines how to respond to unplanned events such as natural disasters, data breaches, theft, and hardware failures.  In today’s technology world, both are equally important.

The True Cost of Not Having Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan in Place!

When a data disruption event happens, it can easily lead to revenue loss, regulatory fines, negative press, and customer loss.  Yet, many small- and medium-sized companies fail to implement a good backup and disaster recovery plan.  In fact, 75% of small businesses have no disaster recovery plan in place at all!  Even though studies have shown that 93% of companies that suffer a major disaster are out of business within one year if they do not have a disaster recovery plan.

Why Don’t Companies Implement Data Backup and a Disaster Recovery Plan?

In the past, data backups were extremely expensive and unreliable.  In fact, companies often went months or years without knowing that their backups were failing.  Disaster recovery, on the other hand, was often pursued by larger companies – not the small businesses.  However, in the past few years, the cost for backups and disaster recovery has become very affordable.  In the current cyber landscape, there is no reason for a company to not have a good plan in place.

It is no longer a matter of if your data will need to be recovered; it is a matter of when. So, why take the risk?

Over the last several years, data backups have changed significantly. Not only have they dropped in price considerably, but they are much easier to maintain. No tapes, no disc, and no entrusting an employee to carry it offsite. In many ways it is just as easy as plug and play.

INSI ensures your data is safe and recoverable.  In fact, INSI engineers can help you determine the correct backup and disaster recovery solutions for your business based on:

  • Regulatory demands
  • Frequency of backups
  • How much data to be backed up
  • Type of data that needs to be backed up
  • Number of locations
  • Frequency of testing

Most importantly, we will test your backups quarterly to ensure they are working.  Further, we will make sure your backup program is backing up the data that is important to you.

INSI engineers are ready to help you make informed decisions about your backup recovery options.  See our programs below and call for your backup assessment today!


When were your backups last tested? Do you know where they’re saved? Setting up a robust backup system is crucial, but you also need to check and test it periodically to make sure it’s working. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to restore your data if it gets lost. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike! Make sure you can restore your data quickly and easily. Let INSI do it for you. We investigate your backups. We ensure critical data is captured. And we test the restorability of your data. For you, it means peace of mind.

Data Backup

Today’s technology offers you many options for backup and company data protection. It all depends on your business needs. Backups range from running hourly to overnight – or from physically swapping out backup storage drives to replicating to an offsite location automatically within minutes. Different backup options can be used on different servers as needed. It depends on how critical the data is or how often it changes. Whatever your data backup needs, INSI can design a customized, affordable solution that fits your network.

Disaster Recovery

All it takes is for one IT device to fail, and your business operations grind to a halt. Avoid the risk by having INSI build your company a disaster recovery plan. We can also estimate your current data recovery time and reduce it by improving recovery methods. That way, you minimize the impact on your business operations. All you need to do is give us your company’s criteria. We’ll design and build a recovery plan that meets your specific needs, reduces downtime, and minimizes risk.


Fire. Flood. Tornado. Disasters happen. Data gets damaged – or disappears completely. By keeping your data and backups in separate locations, you minimize your risks. When disaster strikes and damages your main data location, you don’t need to worry – IF your data backups are stored elsewhere. Let INSI develop solutions to back up your data automatically and to store it offsite. Cloud backup locations are available to keep your data safe and separate from your primary data location. Why take risks with your business when INSI has easy solutions for you?