Help Internal IT DepartmentINSI Can Help Support Your Internal IT Department

Get help with your internal IT department now!  Congrats on bringing your IT department in-house!  Generally speaking, there is nothing like having your own IT team available 24/7 and within arm’s reach.  Not only do they protect the keys to the kingdom, but they also ensure your operations run smoothly.  Most importantly, they are an intricate part of your success.

At the end of the day, even the best IT person needs help. It could be in the way of advancing difficult tickets, handing off helpdesk tickets, having a team to bounce ideas off of, have a backup resource, or gaining access to robust IT efficiency tools that only MSPs can access.

Whatever the reason, INSI is here to help.

Advanced Tier 3 Support 

Some internal IT departments have coverage on the helpdesk but still, need someone to support their network.  In these situations, they typically have a great helpdesk manager who needs assistance designing higher-level network solutions, monitoring the network, performing quarterly preventive maintenance, and handling large scale projects. INSI’s Customized IT solutions allow you to pick out the exact skills you need to help your internal IT department.

Helpdesk Support for Your Internal IT Department

More and more companies are hiring strategic Chief Information Officers and Senior Network Engineers to help them take their IT to the next level.  Most often, these highly skilled engineers understandably find it beneath them to work on entry-level tickets.  Moreover, after years of perfecting their skills, changing passwords or connecting desktops is a waste of their time and talents.

All things considered, these engineers need to be challenged, and helpdesk issues account for 80% of the calls.  They don’t want to spend 80% of their time on basic, entry-level issues.  INSI’s Customized IT™ solutions allow you to pick out the exact skills you need to help your internal IT department.

Tools, Resources, and Process for Your Internal IT Department

Let’s face it, Managed Service Providers and enterprise companies can afford the best networking tools, they can staff an entire IT team, and they have specialists to define processes to continuously improve performance.  On the other hand, small internal IT departments are limited in what they can afford.  By partnering with INSI, you can complete your IT program and get the help your internal IT department needs.

Complementary to the INSI Customized IT™ program, INSI offers tools and programs to specifically help internal IT departments including:

IT Managed Support Plan