Managed Services

We listen. We learn about your business. We advise.

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we become your IT Department.  That means we handle anything related to IT.  Most importantly, we listen to your needs, analyze your current network, and provide solutions based on your goals and budget.

INSI’s Managed Services Provider agreement is a base program that covers monitoring, unlimited access to great engineering talent, preventive maintenance, asset tracking, vendor management, and a “knowledge base” on your company’s IT history.

INSI Quality Engineers

INSI’s managed services model has a unique tiered-based engineering structure that benefits both the clients and engineers.  Subsequently, the client has access to the appropriate engineering talent based on their issue.

This means that when the client has an advanced issue or project, they are assigned an engineer who only focuses on senior-level tickets.  As a result, the resolution time decreases while ensuring the issue was handled correctly the first time.

Similarly, our managed services helpdesk handles the most basic issues.  This also allows the senior talent to only focus on advanced troubleshooting or projects, thereby, decreasing downtime and repeat visits.

In addition, our escalation process also speeds up the time to resolution.  As an example, if an engineer cannot determine the path to resolution within 15 minutes, he or she calls on a more advanced engineer who will solve the problem for the less experienced engineer, who watches and learns.

All of this is extremely important to your managed services contract since downtime means revenue loss for your company.

Client Support Manager (CSM)

As part of your Managed Services agreement, INSI assigns an advocate to your account.  This engineer will oversee all work performed, help you plan, answer questions about invoicing, and make recommendations for improvement as needed.  Most importantly, your CSM will be a highly qualified, experienced engineer who will become your single point of contact for your account questions.

Managed Services Options

In addition to our base-managed services packages, we also provide options geared toward:

  • Hosted/Cloud Services
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Security
  • Cabling and Wireless Solutions

INSI Managed Services Competitive Pricing

Due to our tiered structure, we are able to reduce the cost of 80% of the IT support issues. Therefore, you get great prices without sacrificing quality!  See more information on our packages below.

Need Help? Just Call!

When you have a problem, we’re just a call away. We either fix it remotely or send one of our team members to your location. Either way, you can count on us!

Four-hour response time guaranteed.



Check out our INSI Customized IT™ support program by clicking the link below!


This option enables INSI to become your IT Department. We monitor, proactively identify, and resolve issues on your network devices. Your monthly fee covers all costs to maintain your environment. INSI specialists physically inspect your network quarterly and address issues with Covered Devices. INSI makes recommendations for additions and changes. We plan for your future IT needs. And we track expirations of software licenses and hardware warranties. We also inventory your network to enable you to manage this asset and to help you with budgeting and planning.


With Vigilance, we monitor and proactively check critical network devices to identify issues early. If we find any potential issues, we notify you. And we offer to resolve them before they impact your business. INSI uses monitoring agents that alert us if any issue occurs at any time. We also schedule onsite checks to physically inspect your network equipment. This proactive approach ensures we identify and repair most business-impacting issues before they become major problems and shut down your business. This option also means that INSI keeps up-to-date with your infrastructure and helps plan upgrades to integrate new and improved IT technologies.