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Register for the Webinar and Get Ready for Your Questions to be Answered!  The IT Outsourcing Secrets Webinar Series breaks down what you should know about the industry to ask informed questions.

Through this webinar series, Deborah Frazier uses portions of her book to outlines the right questions to ask, answers to seek, hostage traps to avoid, safe options, and your alternatives.  Further, you will be able to do a true side-by-side comparison of IT support contracts.

Know your options!  Know the tricks of the industry!  Register today!


Register for Webinar

Register for the IT Outsourcing Secrets Webinar and Get Information on:

  • How to Determine the Maturity Level of the Managed Service Provider
  • Traps to Avoid
  • When to Bring IT In-house
  • Types of IT Support Contracts and Their Pro’s and Con’s
  • Security – What is Covered in a Typical Agreement and What Isn’t
  • More to come……

These webinars are packed full of quality information that is based on years of experience.  Get informed!  Register below today.  

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