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Kate – Practice Manager Medical OfficeFully Managed IT Support at Reduced Rates

The Problem

Kate is overwhelmed.  With a staff of 25 she oversees office staff, patient billing, insurance coding, appointment setting, patient records, HIPAA Compliance, OSHA Compliance, keep up to date with on MACRA reporting, and oversee all the vendor contracts and their service levels.  Doctors and nurses have high expectations as they navigate their patient’s needs throughout the day.  Every day is a surprise and a challenge.  So, the last thing Kate needed was for her Electronic Medical Records server to go down for 8 hours on New Year’s Eve – the day the last appointments of the year are scheduled before deductibles start all over again.  Doctors couldn’t see patients, staff couldn’t respond to patient request, and labs couldn’t be drawn.  The patients were frustrated as they took time off work and now have to wait another 4 weeks for their rescheduled appointment – along with the added cost for the same appointment because their deductible will have started over.

Everyone was looking to Kate to fix the issue.  Unfortunately, the independent contractor for IT services could not be reached as he was on vacation.  He said he would be available, but this time he was unknowingly out of range in his rented cabin in the mountains.  Kate thought she would save money by using an independent contractor at $75 per hour, but now it is costing her much more than the savings she anticipated as a single visit to one of her doctors is $200.  She has 5 doctors who can see 4 patients per hour.  Kate does the math in her head and realized she is losing $4,000 per hour and $32K in revenues per day.  Worst yet, they may permanently lose some very upset patients.  At 3PM a decision was finally made to send the entire staff and patient’s home.  It would be the morning of January 2nd before the independent contractor was back in the office and could diagnose the issues.  Unfortunately, it took him a long time to diagnose the problem as he had never seen this particular issue before and he had no one else to lean on for help.  Again, doctors, staff, and patients are frustrated as they wait for their work or appointments to start.  At 2PM he finally found the answer through a Google search and fixed it.  She needs to find a reliable IT Partner fast.

Customized IT Solution:

Kate is suffering from all the things mentioned in the independent contractor section.  They may be cheaper, but it will cost you more – especially if you charge for your time like in Kates situation.  INSI put together a managed plan at a flat rate to take care of all her IT issues. Although this does not fit the customized IT plan, Kate is still able to get his rate lower than other managed service provider, due to the tiered structure.  Why?  Because the other managed service providers have a catch all system whereas the Tier 3 engineers fix all the problems.  INSI has a tiered structure that takes advantage of the lower salaried engineers for simple issues.  Since 80% of the issues that come into the helpdesk are simple issues that Tier 1 & Tier 2 could resolve in 15 minutes, this structure reduces his overall cost without compromising the quality.

INSI will always choose the right program for the client.  Sometimes it is at an old-fashioned managed services plan, other times it is Customized IT.  Click on the other examples to see how Customized IT has benefited our clients.

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