Managed Services

We listen. We learn about your business.

While INSI can tailor a customized IT plan to meet specific needs, some organizations require an all-inclusive managed plan.  For those companies we have two options: Managed and Vigilance.

Managed Support
Our managed and vigilance plans take the guesswork out of IT support, drastically reducing the cost while delivering a full-scale service plan.  The traditional flat fee programs typically sold by other MSPs base their prices on tier 3 rates because they use a catch-all system.  In contrast, INSI’s tiered structure allows us to assign the correct skill level based on the need. Since 80% of the tickets require only entry-level technicians, we are able to reduce those rates and reserve the senior engineers for more complex projects and problems.

Need Help? Just Call!

When you have a problem, we’re just a call away. We either fix it remotely or send one of our team members to your location. Either way, you can count on us!

Four hour response time guaranteed.


This option enables INSI to become your IT department. We monitor, proactively identify and resolve issues on your network devices. Your monthly fee covers all costs to maintain your environment. INSI specialists physically inspect your network quarterly and address issues with Covered Devices. INSI makes recommendations for additions and changes. We plan for your future IT needs. And we track expirations of software licenses and hardware warranties. We also inventory your network to enable you to manage this asset, and to help you with budgeting and planning.


With this package, we monitor and proactively check critical network devices to identify issues early. If we find any potential issues, we notify you. And we offer to resolve them before they impact your business. INSI uses monitoring agents that alert us if any issue occurs at any time. We also schedule onsite checks to physically inspect your network equipment. This proactive approach ensures we identify and repair most business-impacting issues before they become major problems and shut down your business. This option also means that INSI keeps up to date with your infrastructure and helps plan upgrades to integrate new and improved IT technologies.