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IT Outsourcing Traps to Avoid: 30-Minute Webinar Watch Now!

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IT Outsourcing Traps to Avoid: Watch Now!

30-Minute Webinar

By: Deborah Frazier

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Oh, the tricks IT Outsourcing companies will play! Deborah Frazier covers the 6th chapter of her book, IT Outsourcing Secrets.  This packed 30-minute presentation shows how IT support providers trap their clients. First, they make it too costly to leave. Second, they make it to difficult to cancel. Most importantly, she helps the viewer stay in control with alternate solutions.

IT Outsourcing Traps to Avoid goes into detail about:

  • Five Types of IT Support Programs for SMBs – Deborah points out the inherent flaws in the most common types of IT support programs.  That is to say, how they are designed to be IT outsourcing traps.
  • Your IT Support Agreement Should Include These Things– IT support agreement should automatically include certain key elements. To clarify, Deborah points out what those services are and what are premium services.e
  • IT Support Traps – Certain options can be very misleading. Consequently, they are either too expensive to terminate or impossible to find alternative support.  Find out which ones are IT outsourcing traps.
  • Safe Alternatives – For every trap, there is an alternate solution.  Hence, this webinar will share safe alternatives.
  • Safe Options – Deborah recommends common sense IT support options. In other words, they are services that are easy to get into and easy to terminate.

This webinar is designed to put the SMB in control of their IT.  With this knowledge, you should be able to change support providers without penalty.  Join us on this webinar and start making informed decisions today.

About the Presenter and Author:

Deborah Frazier has provided IT support consulting for the last twenty years.  She has met with over one thousand SMBs during that time.  Further, she has seen many clients held hostage to their IT support provider.  Deborah wrote IT Outsourcing Secrets to equip the reader to make informed decisions.

Register here to get access to the webinar and watch it at a time that is convenient for you.


About Deborah Frazier information

Deborah Frazier has nearly 20 years in the IT Support industry. She is also the successful author of "IT Outsourcing Secrets - A Small Business Guide to Compare IT Support Companies."