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INSI’s Customized IT™ Support Program

Do you need a flat fee IT support plan that is based on your exact needs?
Are you tired of being forced into a one-size-fits-all managed services package?
Do you want to decrease your cost without sacrificing quality?

INSI’s Customized IT™ makes it easy for small- and medium-sized businesses to create their own managed services agreement while decreasing 80% of their IT support cost.

INSI IT Support

Customized IT

Need affordable, flexible and local
IT support 
for your small or
medium-sized business?

With INSI, our clients can get an all-encompassing IT support package or CUSTOMIZE how they are supported, what they want supported, devices they want supported, and who they want supported at a price that is based on their exact needs.

Until Customized IT™, only large companies had the purchasing power to dictate how they are served. Now you can too!

Test Your MSP Knowledge

INSI has been in business for 25 years. During that time we have seen it all. We know the industry and we know the minefields. More importantly, we know where you are wasting money. Let us help.

Customized IT Case Studies

See how other SMBs benefit!  Until now, customization like this was only available to large enterprise clients. Now small- and medium-sized businesses can benefit too.  Find out how!

Have an IT Dept?

At INSI, we believe in supporting your IT staff by giving them the specific tools, people, and support they need to provide a complete IT solution to your company. We have a variety of programs designed just for IT departments.

Additional Options

Once we have designed your base program, we will add the support options you want to your contract.  Choose from a variety of programs such as Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Security, Cabling/Fiber, etc.

Customize your Managed Services Agreement Now

What is INSI Customized IT™?

At INSI, we believe we should always do what is right for the client.  That’s why our solutions were built with the small business owner in mind.  We reduce their cost through a tiered structure and offer customized programs that have historically only been offered to enterprise companies.

INSI Customized IT Program
Customized IT Services in Atlanta GA

At INSI, we always do what is best for the client.  Our clients can choose from full service managed agreements or the customized IT solution based on their specific needs.  We even have special packages just for small internal IT departments.

INSI Celebrates 25 years in the IT Support Industry

INSI celebrates 25 years as a Managed Service Provider, and we are proud to say we still have our very first client. Our company philosophy is to put the client first, employees a close second, profits way below that, and then serve the community.  After all, we believe that if we do what is best for the client and employees, we will most certainly see healthy profits and growth!

Contact Information

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Address:  1396 Bells Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA  30066

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

After-Hours Support:  Available with contract 24/7 including weekends and holidays.