Meet Dillan – Desktop Engineer
Financial Services

Dillan – Desktop Engineer Financial ServicesThe Problem

Dillan has been with his company for five years.  He has always had a knack for computers and really likes working with people.  What he likes most is walking down the hall and people calling out to him to solve their IT problems.  As the CEO of the company, Mr. Lund, put it “Dillan is their local hero.”  Recently, Dillan’s boss moved on to greener pastures and Mr. Lund has promoted Dillan to IT Manager.  Dillan knows enough about the network to be dangerous, but not enough to be responsible for it daily.  He has received permission to hire an outsourcing firm to handle the network infrastructure which consists of 3 physical servers and 15 virtual servers that reside in a colocation at a secure data center.  He also has one firewall at each of the 3 locations.  The company that Dillan chooses needs to work with him as a team and help him make strategic decisions regarding the security and reliability of the network.

Customized IT Solution:

Dillan just needs network infrastructure support.  With this program we will become part of his team with a range of network administrators at his fingertips, a dedicated project manager, quarterly preventive maintenance, documentation of the network, asset tracking on network infrastructure, escalation on advanced problems, strategic consulting, and he can hire us for project work as needed.

Customized IT Services