Before INSI

The City of Acworth was using an outdated digital phone system when it approached INSI for solutions. The system was difficult to work with, and was almost due for an expensive license renewal. INSI stepped in to address several challenges the client faced.



  1. The phone system was old and extremely difficult to manage.
  2. The license on the phone system was almost expired, and a new license would be extremely costly.
  3. The in-house IT staff was hard at work but simply too busy to manage the myriad of phone issues or research new phone systems.



  1. INSI replaced the client’s outdated system with a current, efficient network-based VOIP phone system.
  2. Our team obtained a new, more affordable VOIP system than the original, so the client avoided being forced into an expensive contract with an outdated system.
  3. INSI took over the servicing and maintenance of the VOIP system, freeing up the client’s IT staff to work on their core projects.



For the last five years since INSI replaced this client’s outdated phone system, the City of Acworth’s new phone system has been running smoothly. Maintenance is effortless, and the client can look forward to many more years ahead with this low cost, high value phone system.

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