Coronavirus Telecommuting Action Plan

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Coronavirus is Making Headlines!

Coronavirus is dominating the Atlanta news!   Without a doubt, Atlanta has the world’s busiest international airport with over 300,000 travelers going through the airport daily.  Subsequently, that is 300,000 travelers, contained in a small metal tube, with germs everywhere!  1,000 travelers have already been screened for coronavirus and 200 people from China have been put into self-quarantine.  Yikes!  If you weren’t a germophobe before, you might be now!

The CDC Suggests a Coronavirus Telecommuting Contingency Plan

Unfortunately, Atlanta has confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus today.  As a safety precaution, the CDC suggests businesses put together a telecommuting contingency plan.  Things to consider include:

  1. Encourage sick employees to work from home
  2. Encourage good hygiene by all employees (specifically hand washing)
  3. Perform routine environmental cleaning
  4. Consider an alternative plan for older employees or those with chronic diseases
  5. Advise traveling employees to check out the CDC travel website for safety tips
  6. Have a response plan in the event an employee contracts coronavirus

Technology for Coronavirus Telecommuting Plan

Without a doubt, a Coronavirus telecommuting contingency plan is a team effort that should include HR, IT, Operations, and Finance.  Furthermore, you should share your plan ahead of time to discover any gaps or problems that need to be corrected with your employees.  Subsequently, this starts with identifying the employee’s role and how much of their work can be done from home.  For example, knowledge workers can do most everything from home, yet labor workers cannot.

Here are some questions to consider if your employees had to start working from home tomorrow:

  1. What technology tools do you already have to ensure a smooth transition?
  2. Do your employees have fast Internet at home?
  3. Do your phones system have the ability to transfer calls to a home phone or cell phone?
  4. What end-user applications are web-based?
  5. What end-user applications are not web-based?
  6. Are business-critical applications graphic intensive?
  7. Should outside salespeople conduct their sales calls online rather than in person?
  8. Is it necessary to hold in-person meetings?
  9. Is it necessary for your employees to travel or can they have video conferencing?
  10. Do your people need to collaborate frequently?

Do You Need Help With Your Coronavirus Contingency Planning?

Your solution may be more complex based on employee size and network applications.  Regardless of your situation, INSI can help you with your Coronavirus telecommuting contingency plan.  As a first step, we will identify the technology tools you have and determine what you need.  Second, we can help order and install equipment.  Finally, we can help set up your end-users in their homes.

Call INSI Today!

INSI has a tiered structure that can offer decreased rates on 80% of the IT support issues without sacrificing quality.  We can manage the entire environment, fill in the gaps for an internal IT team, or we can break out the services to the client’s exact needs. Also, we can do all this for a fixed fee.

If you would like to know more about INSI and the INSI Customized IT plans, please contact us today at 770-851-8322.

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