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Architectural Firm

Sean – Business Owner Architectural Firm

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The Problem

Sean is a successful business owner of a growing architectural firm.  He has been in business for close to twenty years.  When it was just him and a partner, they managed the network themselves.  In the last few years he has used independent contractors to support his IT.  This worked out really well for him since 80% his end users are tech savvy and can handle most of their own IT issues. However, things took a turn for the worst last week when he got a virus on his network that affected several companies across the United States.  His independent contractor was slow to respond because several other of their clients were affected by the same virus.  Sean was told that some other clients, who were larger, needed to come first. This infuriated Sean since he is paying good money for the support.   In the end, it took two days to get the issue cleared up and they still have residual issues lingering.  At a loss of $150 per hour for each architect, Sean realizes he has lost too much money to keep hiring cheap engineering resources.  He needs to find a reliable IT Support Company that has the resources to respond to his issues in a timely manner.  Currently Sean has 20 employees, 2 locations, and 2 servers at each office, 2 plotters, and 2 network printers.  Since 80% of his end users are technically savvy, he only needs to provide those users with desktop monitoring and help on more advanced issues. For all other users Sean wants full helpdesk and managed support.

As for the network, Sean is mostly concerned with reliability, security, and storage.  Since his system was compromised with a virus last week, he wants to tighten up his antivirus and disaster recovery plan.  He wants access to his CAD drawings for ten years. These are very large documents that take up a lot of space.  Due to the size of the data, he needs keeps the servers onsite, but would like it backed up offsite.

Customized IT Solution:

INSI provided helpdesk support for the 4 non-technical users and allowed the IT savvy users to utilize the Tier 3 managed services.  To improve security, we included desktop and server monitoring which will keep patches and updates current, as well as alert us to any issues early on.  Managed Service includes Asset Tracking, giving us the ability to log the issues on each device for the entire lifecycle as it is passed around the company.  This gives us insight into the actual support cost per each piece of equipment and knowledge of when the issues outweigh the cost of new equipment.  Quarterly Preventive Maintenance helps us identify hidden issues and guard against future problems.

Customized IT Services